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Diane Eisman, M.D.

Diane Eisman is a real live doctor who does voice-overs. She has been interviewed on radio and TV, discussing a wide range of health and medical topics.

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About Dr. Eisman

When not doctoring or narrating, she has written scripts for Healthy Women 2000, a weekly television series that ired on the Discovery Channel, hosted by U.S. Assistant Surgeon General, Dr. Susan Blumenthal. Dr. Eisman wrote the video documentary, Breast, Cancer, Know the Facts, which was nominated for Time Inc.'s 1999 International Health and Medical Film, "Freddie" award, and got second place.

A practicing physician and medical educator in Miami, Florida, Dr. Eisman is co-author of Your Child and Cholesterol, and has been a contributing editor and writer for Deepak Chopra's natinal monthly publication, Infinite Possibilities, as well as writing a humorous mind-body medical column for a local entertainment weekly.

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